The Age-Old Question

Which Came First?

For us, it started with a tech-packed egg. Introducing the all-in-one incubation personal assistant: Peep.


It began on a Farm

Michael and Meghan moved to rural Washington state in 2015, and had been growing their animal and human family ever since. With a background in electrical engineering and electronics, Michael realized he could combine his engineering skills with his passion for chickens, data and community.

While there are many incubators and hatching solutions out there, none seemed to be analyzing HOW. How are the hens doing it? What’s the right temperature? Humidity? Elevation? How can we optimize our environments to yield the best results in the most natural way possible?

Peep aims to be the solution to this problem, and provide two services. First, Peep collects data and information about your egg environment to help us build a better, more natural incubator. We know hens are best at hatching eggs and caring for chicks, and want to use their process to better understand incubation. Second, Peep will act as a personal assistant. In exchange for helping us learn more about your chickens, we’ll help you hatch yours!

Meet Peep

Peep's the application that speaks directly with your Egg device, working hard to provide valuable data and keep you updated on your incubator's conditions.


Your Personal Egg-ssistant

Animals know what they're doing - but we all can use some help from time to time. That's where Peep comes in. With the ability to monitor egg incubation conditions, Peep let's you know what's happening right from the comfort of your phone.

This data is stored in the cloud, along with the breed and hatch rate, so you’ll be able to view your previous hatches. Over time, this also lets us use everyone’s incubations to understand the best hatching conditions for all different species and breeds!


Accurately read the temperature in your incubator & receive alerts if it gets too hot or cold.

Humidity levels

Easily track the humidity levels of your incubator.

Air Pressure

We use air pressure to track elevation and atmospheric conditions - over time, we'll see how this influences hatch rate!

Air Quality

Just like at home, it's important to maintain clean air in our incubators.


Hatchtrack is perfect for a variety of needs, working to give you some peace of mind when it comes to incubation.

New to incubation

Learn how to set up your incubator and incubate eggs.

Improve Hatch Rate

Learn the best incubation condition for the species and breeds you work with.

Analog Incubators

If the temperature in your house changes, the incubator temperature will too - get notifications quickly if temperatures are wrong.

Manual Egg Turning

Receive notifications so you don’t forget to turn your eggs.

Low-Quality Incubators

Get calibrated temperature and humidity measurements and notifications if something goes wrong.


Learn more about incubation and receive notifications and pictures about egg development.

For All Poultry

Chickens, ducks, geese, quail, ostrich, emu - if you incubate it, Hatchtrack can track it!

The Team

Michael Anfang


Passionate about the opportunities tech has afforded us, Michael's interested in incorporating IoT concepts and machine learning to better all society.

Meghan Anfang


A mom to two beautiful girls & a lot of rescue animals.  When not momming, she is also a Doula and strong birth advocate, bringing her passion for gentle birth to the chicken world as well.

Michael Reutman

Electrical engineer

A Purdue University graduate, Michael has established competence in skills such as embedded programming, software design, and web development.

Jeff Masters

Mechanical engineer

Jeff is a mechanical engineer who's worked at MIT, iRobot, and Wallflower Labs. He's also building Chirpa, a health monitor for pet birds. (



Waffles is a D'Uccle bantam rooster. He's very cranky and likes to scratch up ankles - however, he loves chicks and fiercely guards them until they are bigger than him (which happens very quickly)

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